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About us

Large or small estate sales handled very efficiently with a concentration on finding loving homes for your family's life-long collected treasures and belongings offering a GREAT chance of finding buyers for your house before it even goes on the market.

My last sale was a 3BR 2BA house. It only took 15 days from signing the contract to complete, organizing, researching, pricing, staging, advertising that reached 2,500 customers, and made the family twice as much as they expected by doing only a three-day sale. The house was then emptied, cleaned and ready for photographers and open house. Then on only the 15th day since first meeting the family and signing the contract, the host family was then presented with a cashier's check, fresh flowers, key to there house, and and thank you card with mentions from the customers who bought certain items and how their family will continue to cherish their new family's treasures as much as the host family did. There is nothing like finding new loving homes for your family's treasures thanks to James Major Estate Sales and his caring team of employees and loving customers.


James Major


I started this company two years ago after working for 5 different well established estate sale companies within a 10 year span. Each company I worked for taught me different ways to run my business so that the estate owner as well as the estate sale customers all have a rewarding efficient experience while my staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure repeat business.

Fresh Sekung

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What our customers are saying

Love ❤️ James such a great guy! First time I met him felt like I’ve known him forever! His sales are reasonable prices & find a lot of cool & unique stuff!

Carrie Luttrell Mosier